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Posted: August 20th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Europe, Home Living, italy, Serbia | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Design Studio Box
Designer: Miroljub Matovic
Client: Colorchimica (VR), Italy
Location: Kragujevac, Serbia
Project Type: Commercial Work

PerTre paint bucket labels, proposal redesign, manufactured by Colorchemica (VR) Italy.


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Creative Agency: Grupo Oxigeno
Creative Director: JL Bayer
Art Director: Hernán DePol
Client: Refax / STP Chile
Location: Santiago, Chile
Project Type: Commercial Work

At the end of the year 2013, Chile refax STP in conjunction with the US we are responsible for designing the packagings STP for Chile and Peru of this renowned and powerful brand. The brand was associated in the minds of the target audience only to additives for vehicles, so the strategy proposed by Grupo Oxigeno was to design a modern packagings line also will highlight the tradition and American history behind STP. We created a seal of quality based on the origin, so the shield "American since 1953" legally passes the quality and tradition to the entire new line of products STP.

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Tui Garden Products

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Creative Agency: BRR
Creative Director: Vijay Patel
Design Director: Vijay Patel
Design Team: Emma Parnell, Ann Davenport
Contributors: Carol Soundy, Brian Richards, Jules Robinson, Dean Kriletich, Nellie Ryan , Lei Wen
Client: Tui
Location: New Zealand

Tui is a New Zealand owned and operated company proud to have been helping Kiwis produce fantastic results in their gardens for more than 100 years. We don’t rest on last season’s crop though, we’re continually developing innovative products that will suit New Zealand’s distinct climate, conditions and lifestyle. We are expanding our offering in other retail categories in addition to gardening - including smart solutions for around the home - our new Tui Firestarters and Briquettes. We also have an established pet range, so will increasingly become known for more than just our popular garden products.

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Packs Ibasa

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Creative Agency: Amello Ilustração
Location: Porto Alegre/ Brazil
Project Type: Commercial Work

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Ariel Laundry Detergent (Student Project)

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Designer: Steffen Westbye
Location: Oslo, Norway
Project Type: Student Project

'Ariel' is a marketing line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble. This design revives the old P&Gs brand heritage with being inspired by the product design of the Victorian era, and the graphic style of early 1900s. This is also the era where P&G began its journey as a world-leading company. By creating a functional, familiar and easy-to-handle packaging, the design keeps P&G’s ideology of making the consumers life a little better.

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Love Cats (Concept)

Posted: August 11th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Concepts, Europe, Home Living, Romania | Comments Off

Creative Agency: remark studio
Client: PSI
Location: Romania
Project Type: Concept

Love plus is a Romania brand of condoms and they ask our agency to come with more proposals for an packaging upgrade in line with their new positioning:Make love not just sex.

The main task was to come with an new concept that would appeal to women and men, playful and having an emotional touch in order to differentiate from other brands that claim safe sex.

We proposed to use cats as a symbol because of it's elegant and sexy movements.

In order to balance the girlish feeling we proposed a new logo shape inspired from viagra pill shape to offer a more masculine feeling.

The naming of the variants was change from Classic to Classic Romance, Strawberry flavour to Strawberry Kiss and from Thin to Rich Sensations in order to underline the new positioning.

We developed the individual pack, the display and a communication layout for the new pack.

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Posted: August 8th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Americas, Home Living, USA | Comments Off

Creative agency: SmashBrand
Country: USA
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

GrowBox is a fun little all in one Garden starter kit.

The theme of simple back to nature ways of growing and harvesting our own food comes through in the rustic textures and simple sketch type logo. This design uses depth perception to imitate a real plant growing inside, in reality this is just a six sided packaging box. Sitting on the shelf it looks realistic and makes you want to grab it.

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Posted: August 7th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Americas, Home Living, USA | Comments Off

Designer: In-young Bae
Location: NY, USA

Indoor gardening tools and seeds set packaging

SHIZEN is new style of indoor gardening system inspired by the principle of Japanese gardens, which is “Creating miniature idealized landscapes. ”The product includes 5 types of herbs seeds (Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Thyme and Basil), 5 tools (Pruner, Snips, Rake, Trowel and Shovel), 2 types of soil (Sand and Clay) and Hinoki wood plant pot panels, which allow consumer to make customized plant pots.

SHIZEN urban gardening set has a unique packaging form to include all products at once for consumers. While opening the packaging consumers can see the blooming image presents by the packaging and each individual smaller pack also creates flower or plants shapes on the top when they are combined. This modular system allows the packaging design includes all products in a effective and unique way, and provides a wonderful visual experience for consumers. The graphic and branding is base on the basic principles of Japanese garden, which are Miniaturization, Concealment and "Borrowed" Scenery from nature. The logo and graphic elements on packaging are derived from the sand drawing image of Japanese traditional garden. All illustrations are hand-drawn.

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Creative agency: Boldinc Brand Innovation
Designer: Boldinc Creative team
Creative director: Jon Clark, Jarrod Robertson
Art director: Amanda Mason, Darren Wigley, Jodi Hooker, Will Sherman
Finished artist: Lucy Milne, Dylan Morgan
Photographer: Martina Bjelajac Schnack
Client: Tobias Lord, General Manager
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Sydney, Australia

How do you capture the essence of an experience? How do you emotionally engage with consumers via the senses? These were the questions posed when creating the SensoryLab.

Of all our senses, our sense of smell is extraordinarily emotive. A fragrance can transport us to another place in our minds, and in our hearts. Our sense of smell takes us on a certain journey, unlocks memories and past experiences. It is playful, adventurous and a powerful emotional connector. The SensoryLab distills the essence of four unique cities into scent. A unique and surprising combination of aromas captures the diverse experiences of London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, beautifully bottled, and presented in a sensorially engaging package.

The SensoryLab engages all of your senses from the moment you hold the box in your hands, from the naturally textured board - the detailed copper foil, the mix of materials used from aluminum, glass, cardboard, and the scents contained within. The SensoryLab packaging includes a lab-inspired burning flask, with a bespoke cast aluminium flask holder, a candle, a beautiful foil stamped box holding four different vials releasing the unique scents from each city plus a USB key containing a video of the extensive processes, workshops and inspirations involved in the creation of this project. The internal structure of the box is cleverly engineered to package all the components efficiently and compactly.

Graphically inspired by the utilitarian styling of the laboratory, and the science of nature, we use a flavour wheel inspiration to convey the complexity of both culture and fragrance. This features in different iterations across the breadth of packaging and print applications, from the elegant copper foiling on the vial box, the vibrant vial labels, and the detailed flavour profile leaflet.

The Sensory Lab is a feast for the senses, and expresses our driven curiosity to connect emotionally with our audience through more than just physical design.
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Gel Pik

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Designer: Xabier Ogando
Client: Gel Pik
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Vigo, Spain

Brand and packaging design of a new company with mosquito repellent products. With this design, they wanted to convey the happiness and fun you feel when you are on vacation (sumer, heat, countryside...); with a retro look that recalls the childhood.

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