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Ikano Songs of Bahus (Concept)

Posted: November 21st, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Alcohol, Concepts, Europe, Georgia, Wine | Comments Off

Creative Agency: DDB Georgia
Designer: Van Sage
Project Type: Concept
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Being the country, that has a very old wine culture, traditions and everyday life closely related with wine, has made bottle packaging standardized under simple, traditional Georgian style and symbolic.
Our task was to create a unique wine bottle packaging, that would make young spirits fall in love with brand, and drive them to grab a bottle from the first sight.

The design should have been original, innovative and different from the monotonous one-of-a-kind bottles on the shelves in shops.

Four characters from dreams, telling their stories through their magical music.

The concept visualizes the sweetish state of Bahus: dreamy, surreal and pleasant.

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Les Tropeziennes Waters (Concept)

Posted: November 21st, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Beverages, Concepts, Europe, spain | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Corretje Creative Consulting
Project Type: Concept
Location: Barcelona, Spain

We developed a new packaging concept for gold Pentaward winning pack Les Tropeziennes, creating a fresh and new look for the pure water range and other three different flavours.

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Pepsi Can (Concept)

Posted: November 19th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Asia, Beverages, Concepts, Vietnam | Comments Off

Designer: Nguyen HaiDuong
Project Type: Concept
Location: Vietnam

The idea based on 3 ancient cultures (Maya, Egypt and Japan). There's only thing important linked those 3 cultures is "Sun". I replaced the Pepsi's logo in front The Sun, It creates 3 difference moments (Japan-morning, Maya-noon, Egypt-afternoon)

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Naked – Intimate Care Products (Concept)

Posted: November 17th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Bath and Beauty, Concepts, Europe, Russia | Comments Off

Designer: Neretin Stas
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow / Russia

The most gentle and delicate cosmetics are intimate care products.

Reflecting the character of its contents, the package also stands all naked before you having nothing to hide. Its tender color and soft curves resemble the naked body. Every touch makes a tube, a cup or a bottle a little confused. So as soon as you take it in your hand, it will timidly glow right where you touch it. This flirty effect is made possible by covering the package with special thermochromic paint reacting to warm hands.

Be gentle with this package, it is very shy.
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Trung Nguyen – Creative Ground Coffee (Concept)

Posted: November 12th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Asia, Beverages, Concepts, Redesigned, Vietnam | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Wong
Project Type: Concept
Location: Vietnam

Trung Nguyên is a Vietnam-based business group involved in the production, processing and distribution of coffee. Trung Nguyên is a major domestic coffee brand within Vietnam, and exports its products to 50 countries, including major Asian markets such as Japan and Singapore.

CREATIVE ground coffee is sub brand of Trung Nguyên. Based on client’s request: incorporate animal mascots into the packaging design. These characteristics of animal mascots represent for business success.

- Eagle: wingspan, self-due, visionary, goal, great focus
- Lion: strength, unparalleled, lord, pride, courageous, leadership
- Fox: acumen, smart, charming, agile, seize, opportunity
- Wolf: independent, natural, foraging in groups, coordination, efficiency, discipline
- Owl: bright, foresee, illuminate, intelligent, inspire

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Cravory Cookies (Concept)

Posted: November 11th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Americas, Concepts, Snacks, USA | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Bex Brands
Designers: Jeremy Dahl, Becky Nelson
Project Type: Concept
Location: San Diego, California, USA

Get your cookie fix

Cravory Cookies is a gourmet cookie brand, specializing in innovative-flavors and rustic-style cookies. When they opened their first retail location, we wanted to create a special box that would work on location as well as for their online business. To maximize dollars, we needed the box to also accommodate varying quantities: a half dozen, a dozen and two dozen were common orders.

The flavors demanded luxury packaging, but the rustic quality of the cookies themselves asked for a package that reflected the casual and spontaneous attitude of the hand-held dessert.

By combining a six-pack style bottom with a jewelry box-style top, the box perfectly expressed the “grabable luxury” of the product. One can’t help but take the handle to instantly have a great gift to bring to a party, send to a friend or save to enjoy yourself.

We created “bumpers” that can easily pop into the six-pack partitions, so if an order comes through with a smaller quantity, the cookies still sit near the top of the box. The handle also folds down and fits into the USPS shipping box snug for online orders.

We couldn’t be more proud of this creation. It communicates The Cravory in a unique and unexpected way and we found a way to maximize the clients’ dollars by creating a piece that can be used with varying quantities and different delivery methods.

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Fossil Watch Tins (Concept)

Posted: November 10th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Concepts, Europe, Fashion, Slovakia | Comments Off

Designer: Luke Mynus Kovac
Project Type: Concept
Location: Kosice, Slovakia

Vintage tins designs for the famous watch brand Fossil to celebrate the 30 years of existence. The theme was: "30 years on the road". The designs should´ve been inspired by the American travel & transport of 1950s and ´60s

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Herbal Pills (Concept)

Posted: November 8th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Concepts, Europe, Health Care, Poland | Comments Off

Designers: Anna Nowokuńska & Katarzyna Piątek
Project Type: Concept
Location: Warsaw, Poland

Each herb has a customized floral pattern depicting its natural appearance. The illustration style and packaging layout is inspired by medieval european herbaria. Project allows to enlarge the collection thanks to system-like design decisions regarding layout, typography, color code and drawing style. A typical pill package functioning has been redesigned resulting in intuitive drawer-like mechanism providing an easy access to the pills. The lack of any commercial information on the inner packaging enables extra purely decorative function. Having eaten all the pills user can use the inner box for storing.

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Pingouin Vodka (Concept)

Posted: November 8th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Alcohol, Best Rated, Concepts, Europe, Russia | Comments Off

Designer: Denis Kalinin
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia

The French vodka with an amazing history. Crystal clean water was obtained from Antarctic iceberg. There were an unusual passenger detected on iceberg, moving from Antarctica to the equator. That was a penguin. Iceberg was towed to Europe, the penguin returned to his homeland, and the vodka got its name.

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Posted: November 5th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Concepts, Europe, France, Home Living | Comments Off

Designer: Manon Fauvel
Project Type: Concept
Location:Bordeaux, France

Bin bags : An item we use everyday, but too often lacks originality.

Today we turn something useful into something pleasant.

With "ROTTEN FRUIT" you can say goodbye to bad smells in your kitchen.

"ROTTEN FRUIT" is a new range of bin bags with the texture and natural scent of fruits.

The range is simple and effective to use, with a system similar to a box of tissues, they are easy to remove one by one from the packaging.

The box is made mainly with transparent plastic allowing the user to see through it the texture of the fruit. This allows the brand to stand out on the shelves and get noticed by consumers.

"ROTTEN FRUIT" is launching three bag sizes (30L, 50L, 100L) making them adaptable to 3 different bin sizes.

The range has been created for people passionate about cooking and homemaking. Now taking out the bin bag is no longer a chore, but a real pleasure.

With "ROTTEN FRUIT" you can become the king or queen of the neighbourhood with your strawberry, watermelon or pineapple under arm. If that isn't true class then what is!
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