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Simple Ramen (Concept)

Posted: October 2nd, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Asia, Concepts, Food, South Korea, Sustainable | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Ahhaproject
Location: Seoul/ South Korea
Project Type: Concept

100 billions Instant noodles are eaten every year in the World

Accordingly, more than 100 billions of plastic packaging are used and the tremendous vinyls are consumed for the packing of each noodle, sauce, packs and coverings.

All materials for the packaging are derived from natural resources such as oil, trees, sand and metal ores which are processed and converted into plastics, papers and hard packaging and it would end up to landfill, burnt causing environmental destruction.

However, the manufacturers' efforts are only focused on eye-catching of packages.

Therefore, for the environmental protection, Ahhaproject proposes to use eatable materials for the packing of noodle sauces as follows:

1. The laver which is commonly used for taste of Ramen to be used as the material for the packing of sauce powder.
2. The sauce powder is put on the bottom laver sheet and then covered by laver as single pack.
3. It would be small part of vinyl but the total amount will be great considering the tremendous Ramen as first written above.
4. It also saves a lot of chemical materials for printing on the packing.
5. In addition, it is very convenient for consumers as the sauce pack can be put in the pot as it is without tearing and wasting.

For the other flavor, rice paper or starch-based materials can replace polystyrene and plastic film.

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Glory Parfum

Posted: October 2nd, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Bath and Beauty, Concepts, Europe, uk | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Ahsayane Studio
Location: London/ United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept

We created the packaging for a new premium brand fragrance called Glory, the shape of which is inspired by Roman columns. As a premium product, the design includes some elements in gold to reinforce the luxury element of the packaging experience for the user. Some of these elements are an engraved gold charm and the printed branding on the glass bottle and packaging.
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Fruits Toilet Paper (Concept)

Posted: September 30th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Asia, Concepts, Home Living, Japan | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Latona Marketing Inc.
Designer: Kazuaki Kawahara
Location: Shizuoka / Japan
Project Type: Concept

Many companies and stores throughout Japan give a roll of toilet paper to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.

The Fruit Toilet Paper has been designed to wow customers with its cute style, perfect for such occasions.

There are 4 designs to choose from: Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Orange.

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OAK Wine (Concept)

Posted: September 18th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Alcohol, Concepts, Europe, spain | Comments Off

Collaboration project: Grantipo & La Despensa
Client: OAK wine
Location: Madrid / Spain
Project Type: Concept

This is an ongoing collaboration project between Grantipo and La Despensa.

The idea is to create a bottle made with the same wood of cask used to keep the wine, so we wont break the cycle of fermentation such as when using other materials. Thus keeping the wine in the same habitat from the beginning to the end of the process.

We know that fermentation in a confined space is different from a barrel and we are studing its behavior with winemakers.

We hope that soon the prototype can be marketed.

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Mr.Smith (Concept)

Posted: September 18th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Alcohol, Concepts, Europe, Russia | Comments Off

Creative agency: Viewpoint branding agency
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project type: Concept

Craft beer concept design "Mr.Smith"

He knows everything about beer, but nobody knows who is he.
He could be anyone - a neighbor at the bar, a teacher at the child's school, а friend at the family's tableful.
He makes the best beer.
He is a genius maker in southern coast of Britain.
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Ikratkaya Caviar (Concept)

Posted: September 16th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Concepts, Europe, Food, Russia | Comments Off

Designer: Джекил и Хайд
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Project Type: Concept

- To create a modern packaging concept for one of the most famous Russian products – caviar
- Product of Premium class

The idea for the name of the product involves a play on words that is difficult to explain if you do not speak Russian. We use the name of the letter «Й», the “short i” or “i kratkaya”, that sounds like the Russian word for caviar, “ikra”.

Design. We looked at many different kinds of caviar packaging, and decided to make our packaging in completely contradiction with any cliché. This means not using round glass shapes or cans, or pictures of sturgeon or any other fish.

Additionally, we wanted to create a package that could become a table decoration. So all information (package labeling etc.) is on a wrapper that you can remove, leaving a luxury product in a china dish.
‘’Й’’ brand concept shows what like the classical Russian product can be.
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Umami Monster VS Mecha-Hop (Concept)

Posted: September 16th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Alcohol, Concepts, New Zealand, Oceania | Comments Off

Label Design and Illustrations: Tim Gibson / Flying Whities Ltd
Brewery: Garage Project
Original Monster Concept Art: Greg Broadmore
Product Photos: Michael Valli
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Project Type: Concept

Two extreme brewing techniques, two unusual beers launched as a set. One an aberration of nature gone wrong; organic kelp, bonito and sea water, titled Umami Monster, and the other an ultra-processed and industrial ale made with extracts and flavouring, titled Mecha-Hop.

With these counterpoints, Garage Project commissioned me to create manga backstories, beer labels based on the designs of movie artist Greg Broadmore, and a whole range of promotional material including giant street posters, masks, t-shirts and limited edition screen-prints. An awesome job.

Garage Project is a small brewery located in an old petrol station in Wellington, New Zealand. They like to push boundaries with their beers and labels, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be.
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potion67 (Concept)

Posted: September 16th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Beverages, Concepts, Europe, Serbia | Comments Off

Designer: Ana Novaković
Font used: Futuracha by holy
Location: Belgrade/ Serbia
Project Type: Concept

A self initiated branding & packaging project. High-end and feminine, potion67 is aimed at women age 22-50.

I've created the patterns myself by cutting and copying fragments of scanned pearls and similar decorations.

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Apple WATCH Supercharged Packaging (Concept)

Posted: September 15th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Americas, Concepts, Electronics, USA | Comments Off

Creative Agency: Design Packaging Inc
Conceptualization: Evelio Mattos and John Turner
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Project Type: Concept

When Tim Cook released the Apple WATCH and iPhone 6 yesterday the first thing that came to mind was how often is the watch going to need charging? But that question quickly evolved into how will we charge it among the increasing number of mobile devices that we carry everyday needing a nightly charge? Immediately John and I discussed what that meant for consumers and the ultimate experience for charging these items on your nightstand, the clutter of cables, the ever growing mess of products; iPads, phones, and now watches. Not very minimalist, not very Apple.

The easy solution was to create an Apple power adapter with 2 USBs, 1 for the watch cable and 1 for your iPhone cable; simple enough. But that still did not solve for the poor user interaction, or the mess of products meant to be proudly displayed vs strewn about like children’s toys. As luxury packaging designers, our goal is to create a brand appropriate complete user experience that is seamless from unboxing to utilization. To that end, we approached the concept from a user based perspective, and explored how we would want to display the Apple WATCH as well as marry the two inseparable units once unboxed - Apple WATCH and iPhone 6. Once a viable concept that solved our challenges was completely fleshed out, the next step was how to package the display unit and product in a way that represented the brands continual evolution.

The solution is a luxe retail packaging presentation, that beautifully displays the product on our combination charging dock. Once removed, the combination charging dock is able to simultaneously provide power to both iPhone 6 and Apple WATCH displaying the beauty of the two units within it’s simple footprint. From a usability standpoint, the watch is easily placed over the charger allowing the magnetic contacts to connect with the back of the watch, the iPhone then easily interfaces with the lightning charger and cradle. We threw in a dual USB port on the power adapter since we’re probably going to need to charge our iPads somewhere near these too.
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The Goode Coffee (Concept)

Posted: September 11th, 2014 | Author: Derrick Lin | Filed under: Americas, Beverages, Concepts, USA | Comments Off

Designer: Allan Revah
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Project Type: Concept

The Goode coffee is a concept packaging that I have created recently. Living in an urban environment, my daily source of energy is more often than needed fueled by a good cup of caffeine. So why not be re-energized visually?
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