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Letterpress Open House // Black Arts Warm Hearts

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Well Crafted Coffee, Well Crafted Labels

Posted: March 14th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: blind, crack and peel, die, diecut, dogwood, dogwood coffee company, holmberg, holmberg design, kiss cut, kisscut, labels, Letterpress, minneapolis, Minneasota, MN, red, strathmore, texture, tonal, ultimate white wove | Comments Off

This coffee label packaging was designed locally by Holmberg Design. Dogwood Coffee Company is a small coffee roaster based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota (and generously present at our last studio party.) They source, roast and serve some truly amazing coffees. And what is especially unique to the experience of Dogwood Coffee is the single cup brewing. Visit them and always expect a well crafted, fully realized flavor. And be sure to take beans home in one of these delicious bags. This is the good stuff, these guys love crafting coffee as much as we love letterpress.

We printed these with two colors – a red and a very light gray /nearly blind ink for the diamond texture. They are printed on our house label stock which is Strathmore Writing, Ultimate White Wove. This label takes a stiff impression and has a bit of tooth and texture that adds to the artisanal quality of letterpress. They are kisscut two up on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. They are cleverly designed to be end user friendly with use of simple rubber stamp imprints specific to the roasted microlots. Overprinting the stamp on the letterpress imprint gives the surface another layer of texture.

Also see the “Reserve” coffee labels we printed previously (when Dogwood was still a part of Bull Run Roasting) also created by Holmberg Design.

_0007_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_logo_red _0006_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_2up_kisscut_sheet _0005_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_label_detail _0004_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_diamond_texture_detail _0003_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_rubberstamp_copy _0002_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_rubberstamp_bag_label _0001_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_labels_kraft_bags _0000_Dogwood_holmberg_letterpress_labels_front_back


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