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2015 SOF Special Edition Letterpress Calendar

Posted: June 3rd, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 140# cover, banana split, calendar, custom illustration, custom letterpress, Design, duplex, Favorite things, four inks, french, Letterpress, letterpress calendar, minneapolis letterpress, special edition, steel grey, Studio On Fire Products, sweet tooth | Comments Off

When we started planning what we were going to take to the National Stationery Show we decided to create a desktop calendar with all 12 months illustrated by Studio On Fire (no need to fret, we still plan on making our traditional calendar with a slew of illustrator friends). This special edition for 2015 features illustrations of some of our favorite things around the shop (though we must admit we struggled to make the entire thing not about food… we love food).

As for process, we sent the calendar stand into production first, giving ourselves enough time to duplex the stock (French Steel Grey 100# cover and French Banana Split 100# cover), letterpress print, diecut, and hand assemble each one. Simultaneously, all of the pages were letterpress printed with four inks (including one fluorescent and one metallic) on one press sheet (French Sweet Tooth 140# cover). The pages were then cut down, nestled into the stand, and packaged in the final letterpress printed wrap.

We ended up depleting most of our inventory at the show, however we do have a handful of these available for purchase in our online store.

SOF_2105_Calendar_overviewSOF_2105_Calendar_janthruJune SOF_2105_Calendar_julythrudec

studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0010_mar studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0009_jan studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0008_june studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0007_may studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0006_Apr studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0005_Feb studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0004_aug studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0003_sept studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0002_oct studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0001_jul studioonfire_2015_Calendar__0000_dec SOF_2105_Calendar_overview SOF_2105_Calendar_julythrudec SOF_2105_Calendar_janthruJune

All projects produced in our shop are custom. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for printing or design services, please use the request an estimate feature on our website.

Pivot Interiors 2013 Letterpress Calendar

Posted: April 26th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 100c, blu raspberry, bright white, calendar, California, custom letterpress, diecut, four inks, french, Letterpress, mohawk, pivot interiors | Comments Off

Pivot Interiors once again embraced their California heritage when designing their 2013 desktop calendar that we produced for them. In 2012 they featured classic California architecture and this year they showcased some of the golden state’s most notable cultural treasures.

All of the monthly pages were run at the same time on one large press sheet, which helps keep some costs down (we only had to set up and wash up each color once), but can also cause some challenges on press. As sheets are run through the press over and over, the paper can begin to warp, wreaking havoc on registration. Taking the time to properly trap all of the artwork in the prepress stage and watching the amount of impression while on press can help quell this.

The pages and outer folding wrap were printed on one of our large cylinder presses with four inks on Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100# cover. The desktop stand was letterpress printed with one ink on a custom duplexed stock comprised of Mohawk Bright White 100# cover and French Poptone Blu Raspberry 100# cover. After printing the stand was custom diecut and hand assembled.

SOF_PivotCal_2013_9 SOF_PivotCal_2013_8 SOF_PivotCal_2013_7 SOF_PivotCal_2013_6 SOF_PivotCal_2013_5 SOF_PivotCal_2013_16 SOF_PivotCal_2013_15 SOF_PivotCal_2013_12 SOF_PivotCal_2013_11 SOF_PivotCal_2013_10 SOF_PivotCal_2013_1

What We Do

Posted: December 21st, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 110c, crane lettra, custom letterpress, four inks, letterpress printing, pearl white, Poster, poster offensive, posters, store, Studio On Fire Products, what we do | Comments Off

Our latest print, which has also been added to our online store, is a poster created for the 6th installment of Poster Offensive (a bipartisan political poster show that happens every two years, coinciding with elections) which was hosted by Big Table Studio in downtown St. Paul this past November.

The poster measures out at 13″ x 20″, with four inks (three beautifully overprinting and a fourth offering some sage words of wisdom) letterpress printed in our Minneapolis studio on Crane Lettra Pearl White 110 lb cover.

PO6_SOF PO6_6 PO6_4 PO6_3 PO6_2 PO6_1


2013 Studio On Fire Letterpress Calendar

Posted: December 7th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: brilliance, calendar, custom duplex, custom letterpress, decorated paper, Design, diecut, four inks, hand assemble, holographic, Letterpress, letterpress calendar, milkweed, mohawk, store, Studio On Fire Products, varnish, via | Comments Off

Rolling into our store just in the nick of time for Christmas (so would that be in the Saint Nick of time?) is our annual Studio On Fire Letterpress Calendar.

Each year our studio picks a theme, a color palette, and paper stocks before recruiting crush-worthy illustrators to join us in creating custom art for each month. We claimed the January and July pages for ourselves before inviting Brian Gunderson, the Jolby dudes, John MaltaSasha Prood, and Karolin Schnoor to round out our cast of contributors for 2013.

Artists were given the theme of Lucky Number 13 and asked to interpret it at will, resulting in a multitude of superstitious icons and ironic illustrations. We designed the tri fold outer wrap by stealing bits and pieces from the monthly illustrations, collaging them in a long strip to be trimmed off the press sheet and later used for packaging.

The calendar pages and outer wrap were letterpress printed with four inks all together on a large 26 x 20 size press sheet of Mohawk Milkweed 160C. After printing the individual months were trimmed down to a finished size of  3.25 x 5 inches.

To make the stand we first duplexed  Mohawk Via Vellum Safety Yellow 80C to Decorated Paper Brilliance 12pt Tinsel Holographic to create a thick custom stock. After imprinting the stands with a tonal letterpress varnish they were custom diecut and hand assembled with the holographic stock on the inside (allowing a hint of holographic stock to peek out when the support of the stand is kicked out on your desk).

As a special bonus we are offering free DOMESTIC USA shipping on the 2013 calendars thru December 16. Enter coupon code FREESHIP (all caps, one word) in your cart.

If you’re curious, previous years can be viewed on our site: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

SOF2013Calendar_stand_wrap SOF2013Calendar_stand_reverse SOF2013Calendar_SOF SOF2013Calendar_sasha_prood SOF2013Calendar_karolin schnoor SOF2013Calendar_jon_malta SOF2013Calendar_jolby SOF2013Calendar_brain_gunderson SOF2013Calendar_all_cards SOF2013Calendar

Pivot Interiors Calendar

Posted: February 6th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: bright white, calendar, Client Focus, custom duplex, diecut, four inks, hand assemble, Letterpress, loop, mohawk, pivot interiors, thai gold | Comments Off

Using the format we designed for our Studio On Fire calendars, the marketing team over at Pivot Interiors designed this 2012 calendar in celebration of their expansion into southern California. Created as a tribute to California architecture, this was used as a gift for their clients and was a great way for them to showcase their ties to the architectural and design communities. The beautifully detailed illustrations required us to keep a critical eye on the registration while on press and we’re thrilled with how tight the prints came out.

The interior pages and outer wrap were printed  together on one press sheet using four inks on Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100C. The stand was printed with one ink on a custom duplexed paper made of Mohawk Via Vellum Bright Wht 100C and Mohawk Loop Vellum Thai Gold 100C before being diecut and hand assembled.

Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_dec Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_jan Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_feb Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_enclosure2 Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_stand Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_cards Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_back Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_months2 Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_months