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Target: Design United

Posted: October 14th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: Client Focus, Completely Unrelated, cotton, custom, Design, design united, hand-drawn, ink, Letterpress, mehndi, minneapolis, Poster, Print, printing, target, unique | Comments Off

Earlier this year we were asked to participate in Target’s Design United campaign. Target made use of the massive street level windows of their corporate location to showcase their bullseye logo as interpreted by 51 local artists. We were thrilled to be included and submitted a dozen prints for them to choose from. The display was up from April to October in downtown Minneapolis.

Our process started with a hand drawn mehndi inspired pattern that we scanned in and cleaned up to create a photopolymer plate. We also created a plate of the solid Target logo which we used to lay down some background colors, allowing us to utilize the transparent nature of the inks and achieve some great overprinting. Our pressman went to town and applied most of the inks by hand directly to the plates or paper, resulting in dozens of completely unique pieces. Some of our favorites are below, along with some shots of the installation that we took while it was up this summer.

sof__0007_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_08 sof__0006_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_07 sof__0005_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_06 sof__0004_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_05 sof__0003_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_04 sof__0002_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_03 sof__0001_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_02 sof__0000_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_on_location_01 sof__0012_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_drawing sof__0011_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_12 sof__0010_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_11 sof__0009_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_10 sof__0008_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_09 sof__0007_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_08 sof__0006_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_07 sof__0005_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_06 sof__0004_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_05 sof__0003_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_04 sof__0002_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_03 sof__0001_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_02 sof__0000_StudioOnFire_Target_DesignUnited_prints_01

SXSW Squarespace Skull Cards

Posted: March 12th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 280lbC, 3ply, black, Business Cards, cards, cougar, coupon, cylinder, edge color, edge tip, edges, heavy, Heidelberg, impression, ink, Invitations (non wedding), large press sheet, Letterpress, metallic, mohawk, red, show through, silver, skull, solid, thick, thickness, tonal, triple, triplex, wausau | Comments Off

This is a letterpress card designed by Jessica Raley at Bantam Design for Squarespace. They are busy handing them out at SXSW Music Festival in Austin this weekend.

And they took some time to print, seven passes through the press to be exact. Due to the card volume, we printed them on  larger 13 x 20 press sheet 15up. They are printed on two paper stocks. Side one on Wausau Royal Complements Eclipse Black, printed with black, varnish, dark silver, light silver. Side two is Mohawk Via Scarlet Red printed with varnish, black and light silver. To hide impression show through we pasted them together after printing, adding thickness and rigidity with another 100lb cover sheet in the middle. The final three ply paper thickness is 280lbC. We trimmed the sheets down and edge colored them in a metallic silver.

Also check out the striking Squarespace business cards we’ve posted about previously.

_0005_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_onpress _0004_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_in_progress _0003_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_skull_silver_black _0002_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_on_red_paper _0001_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_edge_color_silver _0000_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_front_back del.icio.us StumbleUpon Technorati TwitThis Digg Tumblr Facebook

Matching Paper To Sand

Posted: March 8th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 220lb, 320lb, antique vellum, bahamas, blue, business card, Business Cards, david copperfield, Digital, heavy, husk, ink, islan, Letterpress, loop, luxury, mohawk, musha cay, oversized, recycled, sand, sandy, textural, thick, thickness, thump factor, tonal | Comments Off

Sometimes when you run an island in the Bahamas, you’ll need a business card that reflects the surrounding beauty. This textural business card was designed by island director Cathy Daly for Musha Cay, David Copperfield’s lush 700 acre tropical retreat.

These cards were letterpress printed in three colors on an appropriately sandy colored Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Husk, custom pasted to a 220lb weight. Note how the island seal is printed in with just tonal transparent white ink. After the letterpress printing, these sheets were pasted back to back with digitally printed sheets (with the island beach image) for a 320lbC final weight. Those sheets were trimmed into oversize 4 x 2 inch business cards and edge colored in a matching blue. _0002_MushaCay_letterpress_business_card_detail _0001_MushaCay_letterpress_business_card_front_back _0000_MushaCay_letterpress_business_card_seal


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