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Custom Diecut Wedding Invitations

Posted: April 7th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 140c, custom wedding, diecut, french, gold ink, Letterpress, letterpress wedding invitation, minneapolis letterpress, pink lemonade, Wedding | Comments Off

Whenever designer  Priya Patel, of Pomegranita, brings us a design to produce we know it’s going to be stunning (remember this?), and this invitation suite is no exception. Clean typography, a limited color palette, and a dash of pattern all show off the sexy custom diecuts. An important design detail to note is how the thin gold border on the invitation is a decent distant from the diecut edge, allowing for minuscule shits in registration during production without the border looking completely off kilter on the finished product.

A single gold ink was letterpress printed on French Poptone Pink Lemonade 140C before the pieces received the final diecut.

Pomegranita_Monica_Nate_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_cards6.JPG Pomegranita_Monica_Nate_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_cards5.JPG Pomegranita_Monica_Nate_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_cards4.JPG Pomegranita_Monica_Nate_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_cards3JPG Pomegranita_Monica_Nate_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_cards2.JPG

All projects produced in our shop are custom. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for printing or design services, please use the request an estimate feature on our website.

Studio On Fire Ink Knife Promo

Posted: March 31st, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: Business Cards, custom diecut, custom letterpress, french, Letterpress, overprinting, poptone, Studio On Fire Products, sweet tooth, tangy orange, triplex, two inks | Comments Off

When you have a pressroom full of gadgets (and more importantly, people who know how to use them) the possibilities for self promotion pieces are endless. Recently we decided to make an oversized business card based on one of our most used pressroom tools, the palette knife.

Orange ink was laid down first, followed by an overprinting of blue ink on the handle to make the brown woodgrain handle, in addition to giving it a dirty ink spattered quality. French PopTone Sweet Tooth 100# Cover was used on the outside, with a 100# Tangy Orange triplexed down the center, ending with a total thickness of 400# cover. A custom die cut finished the piece off nicely.

SOF_knife_promo Knife_4 Knife_3 Knife_2 Knife_1 Knife_

All projects produced in our shop are custom. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for printing or design services, please use the request an estimate feature on our website.

Dogwood Zamboni Print

Posted: March 21st, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 110c, 2 inks, crane lettra, custom letterpress, dogwood, ecru, Letterpress, Poster, posters, zamboni | Comments Off

We drink a lot of coffee around here (more than we should probably admit to) and it’s all from our friends over at Dogwood Coffee. We regularly print their labels and last summer they asked us to create a poster to commemorate the release of their cold brew, named after the legendary ice resurfacing machine, the Zamboni (for those of you who don’t live in hockey central like we do, here’s a little video that explains exactly what a Zamboni does).

Dogwood was able to obtain the original patent for the machine and asked that we use it as the focal point of the design. We were only too happy to oblige, as the line work in the schematic sketches was ideal for letterpress printing (line work prints much cleaner than flat areas of color). The final design was letterpress printed using two inks on Crane Lettra Ecru 110# cover stock.

All projects produced in our shop are custom. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for printing or design services, please use the request an estimate feature on our website.

Mode Set Bus Cards

Posted: March 6th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 200c, Business Cards, custom letterpress, durotone, foil, french, Letterpress, metallic foil, steel grey | Comments Off

These business cards designed by Amy Kitt for Mode Set are a great example of how to sucessfully incorporate a splash of metallic foil into a project.

A single grey ink was printed on both sides of a French Durotone Steel Grey 200# cover stock. To finish things off a small metallic foil icon was imprinted on the front of the cards. Subtle. Classy.

Modeset_BusCard4 Modeset_BusCard3 Modeset_BusCard2 Modeset_BusCard

All projects produced in our shop are custom. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for printing or design services, please use the request an estimate feature on our website.

Slate Business Cards

Posted: February 28th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 80C, 90C, business card, Business Cards, custom letterpress, cyan, duplex, flo white, foil, interior diecut, Letterpress, mohawk, mohawk via vellum | Comments Off

You might remember Slate from this earlier version of their cards that we produced in 2010. Years have passed, but they still know how to design a beautiful card using multiple processes; this latest version incorporates foil, letterpress, and a peekaboo die cut.

A white foil was used on both sides of Mohawk Via Vellum Cyan 80# cover. A separate sheet of Crane Lettra Flo White 90# cover stock was letterpress printed with black ink before receiving an interior circle die cut. Now for the fun part: after all the printing and die cutting was completed the stocks were custom duplexed, allowing the foil “S” to show through the peekaboo die cut.

slate_4 slate_3 slate_2 slate_1

Chromebook Sleeve and Swag

Posted: February 19th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 110 lettra, ace hotel, beckett, chromebook, cool gray, custom letterpress, felt sleeve, flo white, google, Letterpress, make retail, mohawk, notebook, tonal | Comments Off

We’re extremely proud to finally share this project that we worked on a few years back.

Spring of 2011 Make Retail brought us in to partner on a project for Ace Hotel New York and Google for a special release of the Chromebook. You may remember, Ace Hotels partnered with Google to put a Chromebook in every room of their New York hotel that entire summer. It was free to use during your stay and had a custom app (designed by Superfuture) for those who needed a little supplementary New York knowledge.

We custom designed the sleek wool sleeve (can wool be sleek?) to give the Chromebook an easily transportable home. A coordinating mini-sleeve to houses the power cords was created to effortlessly keep things together on-the-go. With a wrap-around cording closure, meticulously chosen buttons and  contrasting top stitching, the details really made this an enviable accessory.

You can find more of Studio On Fire’s handiwork tucked into the interior pockets of the sleeve. An instruction card filled with a cheery welcome message and helpful tips was letterpress printed with a cool gray ink on 110lb Crane Lettra Flo White cotton stock before being scored, folded and inserted.

In another interior sleeve pocket, letterpress printed journals are graced with a quote from John Milton, “A sable cloud turns forth its silver lining on the night,” that we pulled from wood type on our proof press before digitizing for final production (BONUS–guests were able to keep the journals after their stay was complete, whether they purchased the Chromebook or not). The covers have a tonal ink impression on a Mohawk Beckett Concept Wood Spice 130lb cover stock, while the interiors were offset printed on Domtar Cougar Opaque Smooth Natural 60lb text. Finished off with some curvy corners, we’re sure these were stolen by jealous friends when not guarded properly.

_0007_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_notebook_cover _0006_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_letterpress_notebook _0005_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_letterpress_collateral _0004_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_letterpress_card _0003_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_collateral _0002_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_notebook _0001_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_interior _0000_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve

Wisconsin Cheese Poster

Posted: February 14th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: cheese, crane lettra, cricket design works, custom poster, flo white 110, Letterpress, Poster, posters, three color | Comments Off

Cricket Design Works, located in Madison Wisconsin (the cheese capital of the world… at least in our eyes) designed this awesome poster for eatwisconsincheese.com. You may remember some of the other projects that Cricket has sent our way in the past, but this poster is probably one of the most coveted prints around the shop due to our over-the-top obsession with cheese.

This was letterpress printed using three inks on Crane Lettra 110# Cover stock, a cotton fiber stock that is one of Studio On Fire’s favorites due to the impression depth we can achieve on the soft surface. Be sure to take a a little time to check out the illustrations, they were created with a lot of attention to detail, however they’re pretty forgiving on registration due to their sketchy nature.

WI_cheese_06 WI_cheese_05 WI_cheese_04 WI_cheese_03 WI_cheese_02 WI_cheese_01



Business Card Sleeves

Posted: January 30th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 3 advertising, 80lb, business card, business card sleeve, Business Cards, custom diecut, custom letterpress, french speckeltone, kraft label, Letterpress, michael barley, natural | Comments Off

3 Advertising, based in Albuquerque, designed these ingenious business cards sleeves for photographer Michael Barley that we letterpress printed not long ago.

The sleeves were letterpress printed on French Speckletone Natural 80# cover stock. After printing the sleeves were custom diecut, including a window that showcased examples of Michael’s photography from the inserted card. To keep everything all together a small sticker was letterpress printed with a tonal ink on a kraft label stock that was then custom diecut and pinhole perforated.

Michael_Barley_window2 Michael_Barley_stamp Michael_Barley_label Michael_Barley_front_back Michael_Barley_cards

2014 Studio On Fire Desk Calendar

Posted: December 17th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: beeteeth, Brian Gunderson, calendar, duplex, four color, french, french construction, french poptone, french speckeltone, Jolby, kate bingaman-burt, lab partners, Letterpress, sno cone, starch white, studio on fire, Studio On Fire Products, tonal ink | Comments Off

The 2014 Studio On Fire letterpress printed desktop calendar, a project that has been happening annually for over a decade, has recently been completed and now ready for purchase over in our shop.

Each year we here at Studio On Fire select ink colors, paper stocks, and a come up with a theme before asking a slew of illustrators to join us in creating custom artwork for each month. This year we tackled January and October, the remaining months feature illustrations from the ever talented: Beeteeth, Lab Partners, Brian Gunderson, Jolby, and Kate Bingaman-Burt.

The theme for 2014 was “Happy Place,” playing on the concept that your happy place might be an actual place or maybe just something small in your life that brings you joy. From kittens to castles and coffee to burgers, this year is chock-full of delightful illustrations to keep you in a good mood all year (small disclaimer: you might get very hungry some months).

As for the nitty-gritty print specifications, there are two major components of this calendar: the easel stand and the calendar pages themselves. The production of the easel stand started with us creating a custom duplexed stock comprised of French PopTone Sno Cone 100# cover and French Construction Grout Grey 100# cover. After duplexing the stands were letterpress printed with a tonal ink before being diecut and hand assembled. Our favorite feature of the stand is on the back where the diecut allows you to get a peek at the Sno Cone blue paper.

The calendar pages were all printed at the same time on one press sheet, French Speckletone Starch White 140# cover, alongside the outer wrap that uses bits and pieces of imagery from the calendar months. Though the color palette is slightly more traditional than we’ve used in the past, (a pale blue, orangey red, mustardy yellow and a metallic champagne in place of black), we think the colors kept the everything feeling bright and cheery (and allowed for beautiful overprinting).

Available for purchase right now in our store, and for a limited time the promo code SOF2014 will get you one for only $20 bucks!

studioonfire__0006_SOF_2014_calendar studioonfire__0005_SOF_2014_calendar_detail1 studioonfire__0004_SOF_2014_calendar_stand studioonfire__0003_SOF_2014_calendar_ studioonfire__0002_SOF_2014_calendar_six_months studioonfire__0001_SOF_2014_calendar_cover_wrap studioonfire__0000_SOF_2014_calendar_cover_in_stand

Basement Block Party, Part Deux

Posted: November 27th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: basement block party, custom letterpress, dogwood coffee, Event, Letterpress, letterpress open house, letterpress printing, natedogs, open house | Comments Off

We couldn’t wait until spring to see you all again, so we’re turning up the heat, opening our doors, and inviting you in for a wintery helping of letterpress goodness.

Friday, December 6th we are once again joining forces with our basement neighbors, Westwerk Design and Hennepin Made to host a basement block party of fabled proportions. Hennepin Made is holding their annual sample sale, Westwerk is partying down with their recently refreshed identity, and, as per tradition, Studio On Fire will be letterpress printing a poster for you to take home (possible holiday re-gift?).

Be sure to come hungry, as Natedogs will still be serving his quality wieners, Dogwood Coffee will be crafting beverages to thaw your Grinch-y heart, and we’ll have several beers on tap. It’s a family friendly-ish event (we’ll have a kids activity) that starts at 5pm and runs until we give up. So grab a coworker, a friend, and/or your mom and come on down.

1621 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55414
Enter the building on 16th Avenue SE, proceed downstairs.

We put this up as a Facebook event, too, if you’re into that.