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supr. Slim Wallet Packaging

Posted: March 13th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 166C, cordenons, custom packaging, diecut, letterpress printing, metallic, Packaging, silver, white, wild | Comments Off

Founded by brothers Aaron and Erik Melander, the Supr Good Co created “Slim,” the thinnest wallet ever. We’ve worked with Aaron on some past projects (remember this awesome Target Chalet piece?), so we knew this project was bound to be cool.

Letterpress printed with a single metallic silver ink on Cordenons Wild White 166# Cover before receiving an interior diecut, the packaging is simple and clever, just like the product. The guys even came into the shop during production and posted a great writeup and video on the Kickstarter project that started it all.

Slim – The Thinnest Wallet Ever. from Supr Good Co. on Vimeo.

All projects produced in our shop are custom. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for printing or design services, please use the request an estimate feature on our website.


Basement Block Party, Part Deux

Posted: November 27th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: basement block party, custom letterpress, dogwood coffee, Event, Letterpress, letterpress open house, letterpress printing, natedogs, open house | Comments Off

We couldn’t wait until spring to see you all again, so we’re turning up the heat, opening our doors, and inviting you in for a wintery helping of letterpress goodness.

Friday, December 6th we are once again joining forces with our basement neighbors, Westwerk Design and Hennepin Made to host a basement block party of fabled proportions. Hennepin Made is holding their annual sample sale, Westwerk is partying down with their recently refreshed identity, and, as per tradition, Studio On Fire will be letterpress printing a poster for you to take home (possible holiday re-gift?).

Be sure to come hungry, as Natedogs will still be serving his quality wieners, Dogwood Coffee will be crafting beverages to thaw your Grinch-y heart, and we’ll have several beers on tap. It’s a family friendly-ish event (we’ll have a kids activity) that starts at 5pm and runs until we give up. So grab a coworker, a friend, and/or your mom and come on down.

1621 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55414
Enter the building on 16th Avenue SE, proceed downstairs.

We put this up as a Facebook event, too, if you’re into that.

Foiled by Studio On Fire

Posted: July 24th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: black stock, custom foil, foil, Foil Stamp, gold foil, letterpress printing, Printing Tips and Tricks, silver foil | Comments Off

That’s right folks, we’ve added hot foil stamping to our repertoire of specialty in-house processes.

One of the best things about foil is, unlike our letterpress inks which are transparent, foil is opaque, allowing us to apply a lighter color on a dark background (see this blog post to read about  letterpress printing with white inks on black stocks).

As designers we love(!) tiny type, but as printers, we know there are limits to what is realistically achievable. With that in mind we created a set of specimen cards, exploring different type sizes using the two fonts we use for our identity. From the reasonable 11pt type all the way down to the petite 5pt italic Baskerville, the foil held up pretty well, though the fidelity at these sizes can’t always be guaranteed–it’s going to change from typeface to typeface.

With letterpress printing we recommend tracking out your type (at least to 25 or 50) to give room for impression between letters. For foiling we recommend the same, this keeps letterforms from merging into one blobby mess on press.

We found that the metallic foils (gold, silver, copper, etc) released a lot cleaner than some of the pigment foils (colored foils, such as the blue foil shown below). We definitely wouldn’t recommend getting too tiny with the pigment foils.


_0003_IMG_9568.JPG _0002_IMG_9566.JPG _0002_c _0002_asd _0001_b _0001_as _0001_a _0000_IMG_9552.JPG _0000_a


Cricket Design Works Herb & Spice Prints

Posted: July 17th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 110c, crane, crane lettra, cricket design works, custom letterpress, hand illustration, herb, Illustration, Letterpress, letterpress printing, minneapolis, pearl white, Poster, posters, spice | Comments Off

Cricket Design Works is a full-service visual communications consultancy based out of Madison, Wisconsin. We printed their multi-colored business cards a few years back and completed this tasty poster duo for them just this past winter.

Appealing to both our eyes and taste buds, these illustrative posters were letterpress printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White cotton stock  wtih three inks, a green, an orange, and a brown common to both versions. Nestled amongst a massive amount of foodie knowledge, the illustrations keep solid areas of color to a minimum, really showing off the letterpress impression with some hand drawn line work.

cricket_H&S_3 cricket_H&S_2 cricket_H&S_1 cricket_H&S7 cricket_H&S6 cricket_H&S5 cricket_H&S4 cricket_H&S3 cricket_H&S2 cricket_H&S


What We Do

Posted: December 21st, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 110c, crane lettra, custom letterpress, four inks, letterpress printing, pearl white, Poster, poster offensive, posters, store, Studio On Fire Products, what we do | Comments Off

Our latest print, which has also been added to our online store, is a poster created for the 6th installment of Poster Offensive (a bipartisan political poster show that happens every two years, coinciding with elections) which was hosted by Big Table Studio in downtown St. Paul this past November.

The poster measures out at 13″ x 20″, with four inks (three beautifully overprinting and a fourth offering some sage words of wisdom) letterpress printed in our Minneapolis studio on Crane Lettra Pearl White 110 lb cover.

PO6_SOF PO6_6 PO6_4 PO6_3 PO6_2 PO6_1


Beautiful Blind Impression

Posted: September 11th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 220c, blind, blind impression, business card, Business Cards, crane, crane lettra, custom letterpress, flo white, Letterpress, letterpress printing, muhs home, note card, passing notes, Pattern, stationery | Comments Off

Based out of San Francisco, Passing Notes designed this beautiful stationery system for Muhs Home, an online store retailing elegant home furnishings and accessories. Refined typography utilized two inks alongside chic illustrations. Since the illustrations were printed with no ink, what is referred to as a blind impression, we used a thick Crane Lettra Flo White 220 lb cover stock, allowing us to really go deep with the impression while reducing show through.

Other projects we have produced for Passing Notes include this Aphro Chic system and Patti Schmidt business card.

MuhsHome_Stationery2 MuhsHome_Stationery MuhsHome_NoteCard_Reverse MuhsHome_NoteCard_Front MuhsHome_NoteCard_Detail MuhsHome_Logo MuhsHome_card_detail MuhsHome_BusCard

Nara Business Cards

Posted: July 20th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 200c, Business Cards, classic crest, craig duffney, custom business cards, die cut, gradient, Letterpress, letterpress printing, nara, neenah, round corners, solar white, split fountain | Comments Off

More and more clients are starting to request split fountain printing, where we put two ink colors on the same roller to acheive a gradient. Craig Duffney, a longtime friend of Studio On Fire, designed these cards for Nara, a web personalization tool. In this instance, the pink to purple split fountain is a direct callback to the gradient background of the Nara website. After two passes through the press and duplexing back to themselves, the cards were finished with a custom rounded corner diecut.

Letterpress printed on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 200C.

nara2 nara

Ilumini Photography Arts Business Card

Posted: June 19th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: Business Cards, classic crest, custom letterpress, Design, diecut, duplex, eclipse black, Letterpress, letterpress printing, silver, solar white, tonal, varnish, wausau | Comments Off

Utilizing their existing logo, we designed and produced these cards for  Ilumini Photography Arts, a wedding and fine art photographer based out of Hawaii. After creating a type lockup for the contact information we designed a custom diecut that would elegantly frame the ornate “I” logo.

Letterpress printed with metallic silver ink on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110C and a tonal varnish on the Wausau Royal Complements Eclipse Black 100C, these stocks were duplexed after printing before receiving the final diecut.

Ilumini3 Ilumini2 Ilumini



Must-have Mustard

Posted: May 25th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: custom label, custom letterpress, food packaging, holmberg design co, hot dogs, kisscut, label stock, Letterpress, letterpress printing, mustard, mustard label, natedogs, Packaging, two inks | Comments Off

With Memorial Day weekend staring us in the face, it only made sense to share this bbq related project. If you live in the Twin Cities you have probably come across the stylish orange Natedog’s food cart, stocked with quality wieners, tasty hand crafted mustards, and manned by the friendly proprietor, Nate Beck. We were lucky to have him at our open house in February and recently letterpress printed the labels for Nate’s honey-spiced mustard, now bottled and available for purchase.

Holmberg Design Co, who we most recently worked with on these Dogwood Coffee labels, is behind the Natedog’s identity and label design. Letterpress printed with two inks on an existing label stock, these were kisscut after printing with a custom made die that mimics the bottle shape.

CBS recently ran a nice feature of on Natedog’s that can be viewed here.

Natedogs_top Natedogs_Label_sheet Natedogs_Label_detail2 Natedogs_Label_detail Natedogs_bottle

Kate Arends Wedding Roundup

Posted: April 18th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 140c, 165c, classic crest, custom letterpress, custom wedding design, edge color, french, french poptone, gold, green envelope, kate arends, Letterpress, letterpress printing, natural white, neenah classic crest, sweet tooth, Wedding, wedding suite, whipped cream | Comments Off

We’ve had the pleasure of printing several wedding suites designed by local Minneapolis creative Kate Arends. A full-time designer over at Cue, Kate also freelances and does a beautiful job curating her blog Wit + Delight.

Sized to fit in preexisting #10 envelope, the first suite is printed with three inks on Neenah Classic Crest Natural white 165C with a flash of metallic gold edge coloring. No checkboxes in sight, the RSVP is cleverly designed as one card perforated down the middle–allowing the guest to respond with a hearty “YES” response card or use the alternate “Regretfully Decline” postcard.


We love the bold graphic nature, humorous wording and great use of an inline font on this second suite. Printed on French Poptone Sweet Tooth 140C, the invitation card scores twice to z-fold into the envelope. Though the cards use only black ink, the fluorescent green envelope, Mohawk’s BridteHue in UltraLime, adds a punch of color.

Update // See Jon and Alecia’s entire wedding over on 100 Layer Cake.


Lastly, there’s a wedding suite and save the date Kate designed for an Australian bride out of Adelaide. Filled with elegant typographic lockups and textured backgrounds, this was printed with gold ink on French Poptone Whipped Cream 140C .