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Slate Business Cards

Posted: February 28th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 80C, 90C, business card, Business Cards, custom letterpress, cyan, duplex, flo white, foil, interior diecut, Letterpress, mohawk, mohawk via vellum | Comments Off

You might remember Slate from this earlier version of their cards that we produced in 2010. Years have passed, but they still know how to design a beautiful card using multiple processes; this latest version incorporates foil, letterpress, and a peekaboo die cut.

A white foil was used on both sides of Mohawk Via Vellum Cyan 80# cover. A separate sheet of Crane Lettra Flo White 90# cover stock was letterpress printed with black ink before receiving an interior circle die cut. Now for the fun part: after all the printing and die cutting was completed the stocks were custom duplexed, allowing the foil “S” to show through the peekaboo die cut.

slate_4 slate_3 slate_2 slate_1

Chromebook Sleeve and Swag

Posted: February 19th, 2014 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 110 lettra, ace hotel, beckett, chromebook, cool gray, custom letterpress, felt sleeve, flo white, google, Letterpress, make retail, mohawk, notebook, tonal | Comments Off

We’re extremely proud to finally share this project that we worked on a few years back.

Spring of 2011 Make Retail brought us in to partner on a project for Ace Hotel New York and Google for a special release of the Chromebook. You may remember, Ace Hotels partnered with Google to put a Chromebook in every room of their New York hotel that entire summer. It was free to use during your stay and had a custom app (designed by Superfuture) for those who needed a little supplementary New York knowledge.

We custom designed the sleek wool sleeve (can wool be sleek?) to give the Chromebook an easily transportable home. A coordinating mini-sleeve to houses the power cords was created to effortlessly keep things together on-the-go. With a wrap-around cording closure, meticulously chosen buttons and  contrasting top stitching, the details really made this an enviable accessory.

You can find more of Studio On Fire’s handiwork tucked into the interior pockets of the sleeve. An instruction card filled with a cheery welcome message and helpful tips was letterpress printed with a cool gray ink on 110lb Crane Lettra Flo White cotton stock before being scored, folded and inserted.

In another interior sleeve pocket, letterpress printed journals are graced with a quote from John Milton, “A sable cloud turns forth its silver lining on the night,” that we pulled from wood type on our proof press before digitizing for final production (BONUS–guests were able to keep the journals after their stay was complete, whether they purchased the Chromebook or not). The covers have a tonal ink impression on a Mohawk Beckett Concept Wood Spice 130lb cover stock, while the interiors were offset printed on Domtar Cougar Opaque Smooth Natural 60lb text. Finished off with some curvy corners, we’re sure these were stolen by jealous friends when not guarded properly.

_0007_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_notebook_cover _0006_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_letterpress_notebook _0005_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_letterpress_collateral _0004_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_letterpress_card _0003_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_collateral _0002_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_notebook _0001_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve_interior _0000_StudioOnFire_Ace_Chromebook_felt_sleeve

Pivot Interiors 2013 Letterpress Calendar

Posted: April 26th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 100c, blu raspberry, bright white, calendar, California, custom letterpress, diecut, four inks, french, Letterpress, mohawk, pivot interiors | Comments Off

Pivot Interiors once again embraced their California heritage when designing their 2013 desktop calendar that we produced for them. In 2012 they featured classic California architecture and this year they showcased some of the golden state’s most notable cultural treasures.

All of the monthly pages were run at the same time on one large press sheet, which helps keep some costs down (we only had to set up and wash up each color once), but can also cause some challenges on press. As sheets are run through the press over and over, the paper can begin to warp, wreaking havoc on registration. Taking the time to properly trap all of the artwork in the prepress stage and watching the amount of impression while on press can help quell this.

The pages and outer folding wrap were printed on one of our large cylinder presses with four inks on Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100# cover. The desktop stand was letterpress printed with one ink on a custom duplexed stock comprised of Mohawk Bright White 100# cover and French Poptone Blu Raspberry 100# cover. After printing the stand was custom diecut and hand assembled.

SOF_PivotCal_2013_9 SOF_PivotCal_2013_8 SOF_PivotCal_2013_7 SOF_PivotCal_2013_6 SOF_PivotCal_2013_5 SOF_PivotCal_2013_16 SOF_PivotCal_2013_15 SOF_PivotCal_2013_12 SOF_PivotCal_2013_11 SOF_PivotCal_2013_10 SOF_PivotCal_2013_1

Summertime Poster

Posted: April 5th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 100% PCW, 130, custom letterpress, Design, Letterpress, minneapolis, mohawk, mohawk options, Poster, posters, Studio On Fire Products, summertime, three inks | Comments Off

Sure, it’s technically only spring and there may still be snow on the ground (okay, there is for sure still snow on the ground), but our thoughts have turned dreamily to the hazy days of summer. Inspired by our favorite parts of the season, this poster is hand illustrated and letterpress printed with three inks.

Printed on Mohawk Options 130# cover (a 100% post consumer waste sheet), the poster measures out to final size of 13″ x 20.” It’s available for purchase in our online store, so go ahead and “get some fun!”

SOF_summertime SOF_summer6 SOF_summer5 SOF_summer4 SOF_summer3 SOF_summer2 SOF_summer

2013 Studio On Fire Letterpress Calendar

Posted: December 7th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: brilliance, calendar, custom duplex, custom letterpress, decorated paper, Design, diecut, four inks, hand assemble, holographic, Letterpress, letterpress calendar, milkweed, mohawk, store, Studio On Fire Products, varnish, via | Comments Off

Rolling into our store just in the nick of time for Christmas (so would that be in the Saint Nick of time?) is our annual Studio On Fire Letterpress Calendar.

Each year our studio picks a theme, a color palette, and paper stocks before recruiting crush-worthy illustrators to join us in creating custom art for each month. We claimed the January and July pages for ourselves before inviting Brian Gunderson, the Jolby dudes, John MaltaSasha Prood, and Karolin Schnoor to round out our cast of contributors for 2013.

Artists were given the theme of Lucky Number 13 and asked to interpret it at will, resulting in a multitude of superstitious icons and ironic illustrations. We designed the tri fold outer wrap by stealing bits and pieces from the monthly illustrations, collaging them in a long strip to be trimmed off the press sheet and later used for packaging.

The calendar pages and outer wrap were letterpress printed with four inks all together on a large 26 x 20 size press sheet of Mohawk Milkweed 160C. After printing the individual months were trimmed down to a finished size of  3.25 x 5 inches.

To make the stand we first duplexed  Mohawk Via Vellum Safety Yellow 80C to Decorated Paper Brilliance 12pt Tinsel Holographic to create a thick custom stock. After imprinting the stands with a tonal letterpress varnish they were custom diecut and hand assembled with the holographic stock on the inside (allowing a hint of holographic stock to peek out when the support of the stand is kicked out on your desk).

As a special bonus we are offering free DOMESTIC USA shipping on the 2013 calendars thru December 16. Enter coupon code FREESHIP (all caps, one word) in your cart.

If you’re curious, previous years can be viewed on our site: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

SOF2013Calendar_stand_wrap SOF2013Calendar_stand_reverse SOF2013Calendar_SOF SOF2013Calendar_sasha_prood SOF2013Calendar_karolin schnoor SOF2013Calendar_jon_malta SOF2013Calendar_jolby SOF2013Calendar_brain_gunderson SOF2013Calendar_all_cards SOF2013Calendar

Finessence Photography Identity and Stationery

Posted: July 26th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 130c, beckett, bright white, brown, Business Cards, champagne, concept, crane lettra, custom duplex, custom letterpress, Design, duplex, edge coloring, finessence photography, finishing, flo white, Letterpress, mahogany, mohawk, photo folio, photography business cards, studio on fire design, teal, tonal, velcro closure | Comments Off

A husband and wife photography team, Finessence Photography had just adopted a new moniker and was looking for a fresh look when they approached us to handle their rebrand and produce their print collateral. While we spend a lot of time (happily) printing for other designers, it’s always a treat for us to act as the design firm behind a project that hits our pressroom.

For the business cards we created a custom stock, duplexing Crane Lettra Flo White 110C and Beckett Concept Mohagany 130C. The rich mahogany stock was a great way for us to counterbalance the ultra-feminine flourish filled “F” we created  for the main logo with something a little more masculine.  A custom brown ink was mixed to match the mahogany stock for the crisp letterpress printed type sandwiched between two bands of a sculptural teal pattern. We were also able to use one of our favorite finishing techniques, giving the slightly undersized cards a splash of teal edge coloring.

After completing the business cards we proceeded to create a photo folio and gift certificate to round out their set of presentation materials. The structure of the photo folio is a call back to the flimsy paper sleeves drugstore prints used to come in, but this version is a bit fancier. A custom steel rule die line was created, which included an interior diecut to hold the business card, letterpress printed with two inks, hand assembled and kept closed with a velcro closure.

We’re also pretty proud to say this system was a winner in the 2010 FPO Awards.

sof__0002_studioonfire_letterpress_finessence_custom_duplexed_business_car sof__0001_studioonfire_letterpress_finessence_identity_system sof__0000_studioonfire_letterpress_finessence_logomark

Venn Diagram Wedding

Posted: June 26th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 160c, 320c, blind, custom duplex, custom letterpress, duplex, ivory, Letterpress, mohawk, mohawk loop, overprinting, smooth, two inks, Wedding, wedding suite | Comments Off

This suite, designed for Lindsay and Ben by their good friend Nicolas Carbonaro, is a great example of how to utilize overprinting inks. Since letterpress inks are not opaque, with the exception of metallics, a third color is created wherever two colors overlap–and in this instance, creating a great visual metaphor for love.

Another thing to note is the heavy ink coverage throughout the suite, so we required acknowledgment of our solid areas disclaimer before we proceeded into production. Printed with two inks, along with a blind pass, on Mohwak Loop Ivory  Smooth 160c, the cards were duplexed after printing to create a hefty 320c stock.

Oh So Beautiful Paper also featured these, be sure to pop over to check out some additional pictures of the complete suite.

lindsay&ben_suite lindsay&ben_std lindsay&ben_rsvp lindsay&ben_detail2 lindsay&ben_detail

Pivot Interiors Calendar

Posted: February 6th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: bright white, calendar, Client Focus, custom duplex, diecut, four inks, hand assemble, Letterpress, loop, mohawk, pivot interiors, thai gold | Comments Off

Using the format we designed for our Studio On Fire calendars, the marketing team over at Pivot Interiors designed this 2012 calendar in celebration of their expansion into southern California. Created as a tribute to California architecture, this was used as a gift for their clients and was a great way for them to showcase their ties to the architectural and design communities. The beautifully detailed illustrations required us to keep a critical eye on the registration while on press and we’re thrilled with how tight the prints came out.

The interior pages and outer wrap were printed  together on one press sheet using four inks on Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100C. The stand was printed with one ink on a custom duplexed paper made of Mohawk Via Vellum Bright Wht 100C and Mohawk Loop Vellum Thai Gold 100C before being diecut and hand assembled.

Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_dec Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_jan Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_feb Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_enclosure2 Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_stand Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_cards Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_back Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_months2 Pivot_Calendar_Letterpress_SOF_months

SXSW Squarespace Skull Cards

Posted: March 12th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 280lbC, 3ply, black, Business Cards, cards, cougar, coupon, cylinder, edge color, edge tip, edges, heavy, Heidelberg, impression, ink, Invitations (non wedding), large press sheet, Letterpress, metallic, mohawk, red, show through, silver, skull, solid, thick, thickness, tonal, triple, triplex, wausau | Comments Off

This is a letterpress card designed by Jessica Raley at Bantam Design for Squarespace. They are busy handing them out at SXSW Music Festival in Austin this weekend.

And they took some time to print, seven passes through the press to be exact. Due to the card volume, we printed them on  larger 13 x 20 press sheet 15up. They are printed on two paper stocks. Side one on Wausau Royal Complements Eclipse Black, printed with black, varnish, dark silver, light silver. Side two is Mohawk Via Scarlet Red printed with varnish, black and light silver. To hide impression show through we pasted them together after printing, adding thickness and rigidity with another 100lb cover sheet in the middle. The final three ply paper thickness is 280lbC. We trimmed the sheets down and edge colored them in a metallic silver.

Also check out the striking Squarespace business cards we’ve posted about previously.

_0005_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_onpress _0004_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_in_progress _0003_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_skull_silver_black _0002_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_on_red_paper _0001_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_edge_color_silver _0000_Squarespace_sxsw_letterpress_front_back del.icio.us StumbleUpon Technorati TwitThis Digg Tumblr Facebook

Matching Paper To Sand

Posted: March 8th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 220lb, 320lb, antique vellum, bahamas, blue, business card, Business Cards, david copperfield, Digital, heavy, husk, ink, islan, Letterpress, loop, luxury, mohawk, musha cay, oversized, recycled, sand, sandy, textural, thick, thickness, thump factor, tonal | Comments Off

Sometimes when you run an island in the Bahamas, you’ll need a business card that reflects the surrounding beauty. This textural business card was designed by island director Cathy Daly for Musha Cay, David Copperfield’s lush 700 acre tropical retreat.

These cards were letterpress printed in three colors on an appropriately sandy colored Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Husk, custom pasted to a 220lb weight. Note how the island seal is printed in with just tonal transparent white ink. After the letterpress printing, these sheets were pasted back to back with digitally printed sheets (with the island beach image) for a 320lbC final weight. Those sheets were trimmed into oversize 4 x 2 inch business cards and edge colored in a matching blue. _0002_MushaCay_letterpress_business_card_detail _0001_MushaCay_letterpress_business_card_front_back _0000_MushaCay_letterpress_business_card_seal


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