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Posted: October 16th, 2013 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 165c, 80C, business card, Business Cards, classic crest, custom duplex, custom letterpress, edge color, Letterpress, mohawk via, neenah, safety yellow, shift labs, solar white, vellum | Comments Off

SHIFT LAB, a web and mobile developer, embraced the beauty of materials when designing their business cards that we produced a while back.

For the logo side of the card we used Mohawk Via Vellum Safety Yellow, in an 80# cover, which is a stock that is vibrant in color without being fluorescent. The logo was printed using a tonal ink, creating just a subtle color change between paper and logo.

The information side of the business card was letterpress printed on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Smooth 165# cover with a black letterpress ink as well as a custom mixed yellow ink that matches the Mohawk stock on the reverse.

After printing the two stocks were custom duplexed together, for a card with a total thickness of 245#, and the edges were colored black.

ShiftBusCards3 ShiftBusCards2 ShiftBusCards1 ShiftBusCards

Fame Speakeasy Invitations

Posted: November 29th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 100c, 110c, blind, classic crest, custom invitations, eclipse black, Fame Retail, Invitations, Invitations (non wedding), Letterpress, letterpress invitations, minneapolis, neenah, open house, royal complements, silver ink, solar white, speakeasy, tonal varnish, wausau | Comments Off

The fine folks over at Fame Retail hold an annual open house for industry friends and clients, building the theme around the booze and munchies they plan on serving each year (you may remember these bingo cards and these fair themed beauties). This year, with a nod to 1920′s prohibition, their team created a speakeasy theme across a set of cards that included mustachioed gents, pin-curled ladies, icons of delicate linework, and plenty of liquor lingo.

The card set was comprised of two stocks, Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110C and Wausau Royal Compelments Eclipse Black 100c. The white cards were letterpress printed with a blind (inkless) impression before we ran them through the press for a pass of  black ink. Silver ink and a tonal letterpress varnish were used on the black cards.

To top it all off, these invites just won PaperSpecs Gallery’s Take Note Award. Be sure to check out the nice video posted on the PaperSpecs blog.

Fame_Invite2012_invitation Fame_Invite2012_envelope Fame_Invite2012_detail_2 Fame_Invite2012_detail Fame_Invite2012_cards_detail Fame_Invite2012_cards4_detail Fame_Invite2012_cards4 Fame_Invite2012_cards3_detail Fame_Invite2012_cards2_detail Fame_Invite2012_cards2 Fame_Invite2012_cards1

Nara Business Cards

Posted: July 20th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 200c, Business Cards, classic crest, craig duffney, custom business cards, die cut, gradient, Letterpress, letterpress printing, nara, neenah, round corners, solar white, split fountain | Comments Off

More and more clients are starting to request split fountain printing, where we put two ink colors on the same roller to acheive a gradient. Craig Duffney, a longtime friend of Studio On Fire, designed these cards for Nara, a web personalization tool. In this instance, the pink to purple split fountain is a direct callback to the gradient background of the Nara website. After two passes through the press and duplexing back to themselves, the cards were finished with a custom rounded corner diecut.

Letterpress printed on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 200C.

nara2 nara

AIGA Minnesota Design Show Call for Entries

Posted: March 2nd, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: after printing, AIGA, aiga mn, blue, custom duplex, custom letterpress, Design, design show, diecut, Eggshell, green, Invitations (non wedding), lettepress, minneapolis, neenah, Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Eggshell, overprinting, solar white | Comments Off

We are very involved with the Minnesota chapter of AIGA and always try to enter their annual Design Show that comes around each spring. Last year we were honored to win the “People’s Choice” award (voted on by those who attended the show) for our Golden Rule Poster. As per tradition, the winner of the People’s Choice is asked to design the show materials for the following year–we gladly accepted the job.

Under direction of the AIGA MN Design Show committee we were challenged to make an interactive object in lieu of the usual poster. Charles Youel jumped into the project as writer and after several meetings, sketches and cups of coffee, we came up with an idea to send a pair of cards with punchouts that could be used to actually build something on your desk. We had to go through multiple rounds of prototyping to adjust the construction and functionality of the die, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

The set of cards (everyone receives two, for a total of 16 punchout pieces) were letterpress printed with two inks on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Eggshell 100c, custom duplexed after printing to make 200c. To achieve the our final product, every card was trimmed down and run through the press two more times after printing to diecut with two custom dies–one used to create the slits and one to cut the shapes. A custom envelope was also designed and produced before the whole set was sent over to Shapco for insertion and mailing.

Be sure to check out the hash tag #designshow on Twitter as people tweet their creations and enter AIGA MN’s 2012 Design Show–online entry opens March 5th!

AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_tower AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_structure AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_punchout AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_make AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_envelope2 AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_envelope AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_detail2 AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_cards_detail AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_cards AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_build2 AIGA_SOF_Letterpress_build

BEDROC Stationery

Posted: November 22nd, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: Business Cards, classic crest, custom duplex, edge coloring, Letterpress, metallic, natural, neenah, recycled white, slate, stationery, varnish | Comments Off

Perky Bros recently sent this gem of a stationery system our way. You may remember the gorgeous typographic and woodgrain wedding invitations we printed for Jeff a couple years back and we’re happy to share another one of his projects that’s fresh off the press.

This stationery system for BEDROC is a great example of how a designer can curate a combination of materials to support the overall design aesthetic of their project. The business cards are printed on Neenah Classic Crest Slate 80lb cover custom duplexed to Neenah Classic Crest Recycled Natural White 100lb cover. A subtle tonal letterpress varnish graces both sides of the card with an additional ink for the contact information. A zing of copper metallic on all 4 edges incorporates an element of elegance. Notecards are printed on Neenah Classic Crest Recycled 100 Natural White 80C, custom duplexed to make 160C, share the same ink colors and also show off that metallic edge. The letterhead, on Neenah Classic Crest Recycled Natural White 80lb text, and envelope, on Neenah Classic Crest Antique Gray 24W, round out the system using 2 inks that are common to the rest of the materials.

_SOF_Letterpress_0009_edgecolor_3 _SOF_Letterpress_0007_edgecolor _SOF_Letterpress_0006_business_card2 _SOF_Letterpress_0005_business_card _SOF_Letterpress_0004_stationery_system3 _SOF_Letterpress_0001_notecard_2


AIGA MN Design Camp Materials

Posted: October 10th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: ahlstrom, AIGA, book cover, cascade, cover, design camp, domtar, green, index, Letterpress, nautral, neenah, Printing Tips and Tricks, rolland, salmon, solid coverage, text weight | Comments Off

The first weekend in October marked the 31st annual AIGA MN Design Camp. We have been involved for several years now, in 2008 we designed the conference materials and last year we hosted a letterpress workshop. This year we worked behind the scenes with Ideal Printers to produce the impressive system of materials that were designed by Target inHouse.

First off the press were promotional materials which were mailed out to over 1300 AIGA MN members. We printed the cover of the promo book on Domtar Colors Green 110 Index stock. To achieve a consistent solid black in the pattern while still holding the type crisp we split the black plate into two passes- one pass with heavier ink density for the pattern and lighter ink coverage for the text. After adding a hit of silver those covers ended up running through the press three times. The promotional poster was printed on Cascade Rolland Natural 70 lb text weight with a run of black and a custom green ink mixed to match the green Domtar stock. All of that was shipped out in a kraft envelope we imprinted with return mailing address and indicia.

Upon arrival in Nisswa campers received a tote bag filled with goodies such as tee shirts, pennants and more letterpress printed event materials. The guidebook, full of interviews with speakers and details about weekend activities had a Domtar Colors Salmon 110 Index cover that we letterpress printed in two passes of black and a hit of silver. The partner guide, detailing all of the event sponsors, had a cover produced in the same manner but on Domtar Colors Blue 110 Index. A special bonus this year was a custom sketch book, state facts and suggested uses were printed with black ink on Neenah Environment, Desert Storm, 80C. A map of ‘Navigating Up North’ was also produced, a poster style piece printed in two colors on Cascade Rolland Natural 70 lb text.

Of course we couldn’t resist adding a little extra letterpress goodness from Studio On Fire, so we whipped up a set of four coasters, printed with 2 fluorescent colors on an Ahlstrom blotter stock, that were slipped into the bag of each camper.

sof__0010_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_map sof__0009_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_mapandguide sof__0008_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promo_poster sof__0007_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promo_mailer_with_poster sof__0006_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promo_mailer sof__0005_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_sketchbook_back sof__0004_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_books_with_sketchbook sof__0003_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_guidebook_cover sof__0002_studioonfire_coaster_inhand sof__0002_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_bookcovers_back sof__0001_studioonfire_coaster_presssheet sof__0001_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_bookcovers sof__0000_studioonfire_coaster_punchedout sof__0000_StudioOnFire_AIGA_MN_DesignCamp_promocover



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Webb de Vlam Edge Color Business Cards

Posted: May 13th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 165lbC, bright, Business Cards, classic crest, edge color, edge tipping, Letterpress, neenah, shell sheets, solar white, spot color, thick, webb de vlam | Comments Off

This business card was designed by Webb de Vlam as part of their new identity launch. With design offices in both London and Chicago, they wanted a card that would surprise and delight clients and employees. The variety of bright accent color truly brings this project to life. The overlapping colors in the logo mark also create dimension by overprinting ink colors – a nice print interpretation of the online media logo.

The business cards are letterpress printed on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 165lb C with four spot Pantone colors. There are three spot gray colors common to all the cards – that was the easy part.  What made things interesting were the ten additional accent colors that switch out on the logo and edges – each person in the company receiving a palette of four color versions.

There has definitely been a trend toward larger companies using letterpress printing in their identities. We manage business card projects for companies with one person, or several hundred employees. These type of projects are most effective when they are planned with shell sheets in mind. A shell is a sheet with multiple cards ganged up that has all the common colors and logo already printed. That way, when a new hire or reorder occurs, we have those sheets on hand and ready to imprint on future orders. Typically, this works best and is most cost effective when the variable information on a card is planned in only one color. We advise companies to think about their card needs inside the next 18-24 months when ordering shells. Contact us to establish a letterpress business card production plan for your company.

_0000_WebbdeVlam_ten_edgecolor_business_cards_letterpress _0001_WebbdeVlam_edgecolor_stacks_business_cards_letterpress _0002_WebbdeVlam_ten_edgecolor_business_cards_edges _0003_WebbdeVlam_ten_edgecolor_business_cards_stack_letterpresss _0004_WebbdeVlam_ten_logo_color_business_cards_letterpress _0005_WebbdeVlam_business_cards_letterpress_blue _0006_WebbdeVlam_business_cards_letterpress_blue_detail _0007_WebbdeVlam_business_cards_edge_detail _0008_WebbdeVlam_business_cards_colorset_inbox1 _0009_WebbdeVlam_business_cards_colorset_inbox2 _0010_WebbdeVlam_business_cards_colorset_inbox3 _0011_WebbdeVlam_business_cards_edgecolored_tabled_for_boxing del.icio.us StumbleUpon Technorati TwitThis Digg Tumblr Facebook