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Amee Christian

Posted: August 31st, 2011 | Author: SSZ | Filed under: amee christian, colour, Fine Art, Illustration, line, One To Watch, student | Comments Off

© Amee Christian © Amee Christian © Amee Christian

Here’s another fine young illustrator to have a look at – lovely line work and a strange sense of humour in the work of Amee Christian – who is seemingly incredibly prolific for someone so young, having illustrated for quite a few magazines and clients despite still being a student.

This is the way to do it, work your shit off, even if it’s for free while you can afford it. You end up with an impressive body of work, which I’m sure will see Amee in good stead for the future.

Heather Bradley

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© Heather Bradley

© Heather Bradley

© Heather Bradley

While up north last month one of the grads we met was Leeds-based design student Heather Bradley. She showed a suprisingly mature knowledge of type and layout in her branding work, even working with spatial designers to design spaces for the brands she was working on. Nice to see an editorial concept carried out over multiple issues too (and that’s a custom typeface, intriguingly titled squircle).

Vivian Maier – street photography discovery

Posted: February 27th, 2011 | Author: muirface | Filed under: Issues, One To Watch, Photography, street photography, vivian maier | Comments Off

vivian maier

There was a bit of a buzz last month about the discovery of over 100,000 photos taken by a previously unknown amateur named Vivian Maier.  The vibrant photos of life on the streets of Chicago and New York were discovered in an auction when her storage locker was reclaimed due to missed payments.  Critics are saying that she could give renowned street photographers such as Robert Frank and Walker Evans a run for their money. A guy called John Maloof has been painstakingly scanning and cataloguing the work (he’s the guy with the dollar signs in his eyes in this lengthy video). He puts more up on his blog every few days, I’d recommend having a look.

vivian maier

The Catlin Guide at London Art Fair

Posted: January 20th, 2011 | Author: muirface | Filed under: catlin guide, Fine Art, london art fair, One To Watch, Published | Comments Off

Catlin Guide 2011
The London Art Fair features a boat-load of modern British and contemporary art and is on til Sunday at the Business Design Centre in Islington.  I went along earlier today and was swamped by the amount and diversity of the artwork being displayed by galleries from around the world.  One of the exhibits featured work from the Catlin Guide (above), which is an annual, independently-curated book of the 40 most promising art graduates from all over the UK (it’s very nicely presented and smells great in case you were wondering).  According to Justin Hammond, the editor of the guide, it is really tough for new artists to get exposure or gallery space, particularly if they aren’t based in London.  He added that many graduates leave university ill-equipped for challenges such as pricing and promoting their work.  A familiar story for many of you design grads!

One of my favourite exhibits from the whole show was the rapidly ripening Bananaboat (below), by Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen, graduate of Glasgow School of Art, which was the centre-piece of the Catlin Guide collection.  I’ve put a few of my other favourite works from the fair up here.  Get down to Islington and see for yourself if you get the chance – some very famous artists featured (such as Magritte, Mattisse, Paolozzi, Hirst),  and the people-watching is tremendous!

Aled Lewis – Video Games vs. Real Life

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Schadenfreude Dog

This set of images was created by Aled Lewis, a gifted designer, illustrator and Threadless regular. He often works with pop culture imagery and his t-shirt designs have that “I wish I came up with that” quality: simple, witty images that work beautifully with the colour of the material.

Keeping The Mean Streets Clean