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Poke manages a whole year of Orange feed-ness

Posted: October 5th, 2011 | Author: SSZ | Filed under: Advertising, Design, feed, Free Stuff, Illustration, Interactive, News, orange, poke, portraits, twitter | Comments Off


Over the past year They’ve pimped people’s profile pics, created customised royal plates and even commandeered an ice cream van to deliver to people’s doorsteps. Now, to celebrate the end of year 1, Poke have helped Orange bring back a popular item from their feed, Secret Portraits.

People describe themselves in one comment – they can either use the #SecretPortrait hashtag, or they can submit their description via the Facebook page – A bunch of illustrators then bring these descriptions to life.

Check out past illustrations here, then get tweeting yeah?


Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty

Posted: September 28th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 100pt, book, book board, cover, cover board, Germany, gestalten, gray, green, grey, kraft, Letterpress, minneapolis, minnesota, News, orange, portfolio, Publishing, thick | Comments Off

After a brief blogging hiatus we’re back with a project we’ve been bursting to share with you.

Nearly a year ago we worked with Gestalten publishers on this great video piece about our shop and we’ve been featured in some of their past publications–but now they are releasing a title all about Studio On Fire! Needless to say, we’re giddy.

The book features work designed by us, as well as work designed by clients, all of which was produced here in our Minneapolis location. Pictures of our ever expanding workspace also made it in alongside a forward written by our Principal.

Since we couldn’t, in good conscience, let a book about us not include any actual letterpress, all of the covers were letterpress printed at Studio On Fire and shipped off to meet the gutt of the book in the final stages of production. Due to the heavy 100 point thickness of the recycled cover boards, all of the covers were hand fed into our Gietz platen press. They are printed with a day glo ink using deep etch copper plates. We love the contrast of raw and refined created by the bright color next to the gray board.

It’s already shipping in Europe and will be released here in the states in late October. We got our hands on an advance copy, so we thought we’d share a bit of a sneak peek with you.

_0007_gestalten_iron_beast_book_on_carts _0006_gestalten_iron_beast_book_fluorescent_ink _0005_gestalten_iron_beast_book_copper_detail _0004_gestalten_iron_beast_book_copperplate _0003_gestalten_iron_beast_book_ink_rollers _0002_gestalten_iron_beast_book_cover_letterpress _0001_gestalten_iron_beast_book_cover_detail _0000_gestalten_iron_beast_book_just_off press sof__0008_gestalten_iron_beast_book_copper_plate sof__0007_gestalten_iron_beast_book_back_cover sof__0006_gestalten_iron_beast_book_back_cover_with_copper_plate sof__0005_gestalten_iron_beast_book_frontcover_with_copperplate sof__0004_gestalten_iron_beast_book_cover_with_copper_plates_close sof__0003_gestalten_iron_beast_book_cover_with_copper_plates sof__0002_gestalten_iron_beast_book__finished_closeup sof__0001_gestalten_iron_beast_book_seal_on_cover sof__0000_gestalten_iron_beast_book_finished del.icio.us StumbleUpon Technorati TwitThis Digg Tumblr Facebook

A Matchbook Made In Heaven

Posted: February 23rd, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: Design, die cut, duplexed, edge color, edge tipping, french fold, invitation, invite, leader, Letterpress, lettra, martha stewart, match, matchbook, orange, Packaging, pasted, spain, spanish, stapled, stationary, stationery, tonal, Wedding, white, wrap | Comments Off

We designed this wedding invitation for the lucky couple that won our giveaway with Martha Stewart. It’s only too fitting that the couple we chose to work with will be jumping fires on their wedding night. Besides complimenting our studio name, their scheduled wedding night activities (get your mind out of the gutter) lends perfectly to the orange and white color palette featured by Martha Stewart.

Juan and Irma will be getting married in Madrid on the 24th of June, the night of “San Juan,” traditionally a night when friends and family gather to build bonfires and leap across them in celebration of the summer solstice. (We did some intense Googling and it appears that in many parts of Spain this is a party night not to be missed). They wanted to keep the invitations informal (reflecting the backyard bbq reception), to the point where it doesn’t even use the word wedding–we had to imply celebration and union strictly through the design.

With fire as a central part of the celebration, a matchbook format for the actual invitation seemed only natural. The whole letterpress printed suite is designed in physical layers, causing the viewer to interact as they unfold the invitation setting the stage for the matchbook sitting in the center of a custom frame. The invitation itself is a two and a half inch by three and a quarter inch matchbook that opens to reveal french folded text weight sheets (spanish on the front, english on the back), an intimate piece meant to directly reflect the fires that will be sparking that night.

The copy inside reads “Celebrating the arrival of the summer solstice (amongst other astronomical events),” so we created custom illustrations based around the sun, the moon and the stars to give the suite a celestial feel.

The wrap features the graphic sun inspired emblem with a smattering of stars making their way to a moon icon on the inside flap.

Several diecut papers and a pop of edge coloring create a custom built A7 size frame surrounding the matchbook invitation for mailing.

_0011_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_full_suite _0010_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_A7frame_unwrapped _0009_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_invite_frame _0008_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_pieces_for_booklet _0007_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_unassembled_pages _0006_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_lunar_detail _0005_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_text_detail _0004_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_orange_edge_color _0003_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_text_page_spanish _0002_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_title_page_spanish _0001_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_set_in_frame _0000_StudioOnFire_letterpress_matchbook_wedding_invite_front_back del.icio.us StumbleUpon Technorati TwitThis Digg Tumblr Facebook