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Duct Tape and Glitter Business Cards

Posted: March 7th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: blind, Business Cards, custom duplex, custom letterpress, edge color, flood, neenah classic crest, rubine red, solar white 220c | Comments Off

Today’s post is brought to you by the color pink! Rubine Red, to be exact. Created by the fellas over at Duct Tape and Glitter, these cards used almost every production process we offer, printing with three ink colors (one of them a flood) along with a blind impression, custom duplexing after printing and finished with a swipe of edge coloring.

Despite the multiple processes these went through, we were able to keep an eye on the cost by printing the fronts and backs up on the same presssheet. By setting up the sheet this way colors that were common to both sides (like the Rubine Red) only had to be setup on press once, rather than once for the front and then again for the back.

After printing we duplexed the presssheet back to itself which created a hefty 220lb sheet and also allowed us to conceal any impression show through (impression area from the front the shows on the back of the sheet) in the middle of the card.

process_7 process_4 process_3 process_2 process_1 DuctTape&Glitter_SOF_Letterpress_Front DuctTape&Glitter_SOF_Letterpress_Edge_Color DuctTape&Glitter_SOF_Letterpress_Detail DuctTape&Glitter_SOF_Letterpress_Cards2 DuctTape&Glitter_SOF_Letterpress_Cards DuctTape&Glitter_SOF_Letterpress_Back