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When Designers Wed

Posted: March 2nd, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 220c, crane, crane lettra, custom duplexed after printing, custom letterpress, designers, duplex, flo white, gray, Letterpress, lettra, minneapolis, printing, two color, yellow | Comments Off

Local Mpls designers Ross Bruggink and Jessica Keintz were married last year and we were pumped to print their invites that utilized beautiful eclectic typography.

An arrow theme, which we have a hunch is based on the bride’s wrapping arrow engagement ring, runs throughout this two color suite. Printed on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 110C stock, the cards custom duplexed after printing, allowing us to run a heavy impression on the flood of pattern without completely killing the delicate type on the opposite side of the card.

Can’t get enough? They also created one of the coolest wedding websites we’ve seen.

additional photography provided by Ross and Jess. wedding_suite Ross&Jess_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_rsvp Ross&Jess_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_register Ross&Jess_Wedding_SOF_Letterpress_invite_detail Ross&Jess_wedding_SOF_letterpress2

Brooklyn Wedding Invitations

Posted: February 29th, 2012 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: 110c, crane, crane lettra, custom letterpress, invitation, Letterpress, lettra, pearl white, perf, perforation line, two color, Wedding, yellow | Comments Off

This wedding suite, designed by the bride and groom, shows that you can have playful invitations while keeping the aesthetic classy. The main invitation was mailed with an accompanying information card–cleverly designed with a perforation line, allowing the attached RSVP card to be removed and returned. With many brides shying away from complicated wedding systems, it’s a practical way cut down on the number of pieces recipients will pull out of the envelope. Additional tags and cards printed on the same press sheet were used at the actual event

Printed with two inks, antique brown and a bright zip of yellow, on Crane Lettra Pearl White 110C (one of our house stocks).
Additional photography courtesy of Oh, Darling! Photography.
Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_TYC_Detail3 Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_TYC_Detail2 Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_tags4 Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_tags2 Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_tags Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_Suite Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_RSVP_Detail Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_RSVP Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_Invite_Detail Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_Invite Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_Cards Ben&Sofia_SOF_Letterpress_Brooklyn

Howler Business Cards

Posted: December 9th, 2011 | Author: Beast Pieces | Filed under: Business Cards, custom, custom duplex, diecut, duplex, duplex after, french, lemon drop, Letterpress, minneapolis, mohawk via, red, round corners, scarlet, soccer, tonal ink, tonal varnish, yellow | Comments Off

Designed by Priest + Grace for Howler magazine, these oversize business cards are an amazing example of what a good design and a little tonal ink can do. Howler magazine is a quarterly publication for soccer enthusiasts in North America, so it only made sense for these cards to reference the size and color of actual penalty cards used in soccer.

There are several production techniques we used to successfully produce these cards. First, instead of printing all of the information blind we used a tonal ink color (a red ink on the red, yellow on the yellow). When something is printed blind it relies solely on good lighting conditions to be legible. Our solution is to print using a tonal ink, which creates just enough contrast between the artwork and the paper to make your contact information visible. Secondly, these cards were printed with fronts and backs up on the same sheet, duplexing the sheet after printing. This allowed us to run a heavy impression on press but then conceal the impression show through by duplexing the sheet back to itself.

The red cards are printed on Mohawk Via Scarlet Vellum 80C (duplexed to make 160C) and the yellow cards are on French Poptone Lemon Drop 100C (duplexed to make 200C).

Howler_Business_Card_SOF_Letterpress_0007_yellow_detail Howler_Business_Card_SOF_Letterpress_0005_back_detail Howler_Business_Card_SOF_Letterpress_0004_red_detail Howler_Business_Card_SOF_Letterpress_0003_red_spread Howler_Business_Card_SOF_Letterpress_0002_yellow_type Howler_Business_Card_SOF_Letterpress_0001_yellow_spread Howler_Business_Card_SOF_Letterpress_0000_howler_card