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Tuft: a room made of tape and carpet

Posted: March 22nd, 2012 | Author: Mark Sinclair | Filed under: Art | Comments Off

Numen/For Use has unveiled a new installation in a church in Pula in Croatia. Tuft, a construction made from tape and lined with red tufted carpet, is suspended four metres in the air and by all accounts is pretty soft and bouncy inside...

Known for their huge web-like tape installations that have appeared in Germany, Australia and Serbia, Croatian-Austrian design collective Numen/For Use has created something rather more sensual for the former church building in western Croatia.

Tape is also the starting point for NFU's trumpet-like structure and forms the initial shape of the Tuft installation. Produced in the Regeneracjira factory, the rough underside of a bright red carpet forms the outside of the 'room', serving as a counterpoint to the soft "carnal interior". Viewed from the inside, the space looks to resemble some sort of enormous ear canal.

Tuft on show in Zurich last year:

"After the initial caution," write NFU on their website, "the user starts perceiving the functional aspect of the installation, utilising the softness and sound isolation of the installation and using it as an inward facing collective sofa."

NFU has a large selection images of the project at numen.eu, including several making-of photographs (four are shown at the bottom of this post).

Making of images:

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