With the gradual increase of temperature, the family will also begin to meet the summer.

What we want to share today is a very refreshing space, which always releases a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

The light gray blue has successfully laid a fresh tone for this space, and the appropriate white also makes the space more concise and comfortable.

Give people inner hope and strength, orange, let people feel happy, comfortable space, no pressure

In the whole space, there are many brilliant details,

With the light gray blue sauna board and the same color curtain, let the sun become less dazzling.

Retro small tea table, instead of the traditional side cabinet. Placed in the window, slightly decorated, to create a good place for their own leisure.

Pillow to create a summer home atmosphere. Rorare in French is the dawn, egret is a symbol of happiness. It makes you happy to come home.